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Affordable & hygienic ready-to-drink ORS for all

  • Ready-to-drink ORS supplement as per WHO guidelines
  • With better hygiene & safety
  • Avoids water to reconstitute ORS powder
  • No chance of contamination
  • Adjustable dose – Recap & Reuse
  • Most affordable ORS pack – just Rs. 19 per 200ml

Composition:  Each pack (200ml) contains:
Sodium Chloride IP 0.52 g, Potassium Chloride 0.30 g, Sodium Citrate 0.58g, Dextrose. 2.70g, Excipients q.s.

Indications:  All type of patients suffering from dehydration: Fluid and electrolyte loss in diarrhoea, patient with burns

Dose:  Children under 2 years : 50 -100 ml (¼ to ½ bottle) after each loose motion
Children 2 to 9 years : 100 - 200 ml (½ to 1 bottle) after each loose motion
Above 10 years or older : As much as needed, up to approximately 2,Ltrs (10bottles) a day

Packing:  Bottle of 200ml