Suppol Baby / Child / 250
The better paracetamol for little ones
  • Suppositories of paracetamol for immediate relief from pain and fever in children.
  • First choice for inpatients and non-cooperative children.
  • Better alternative to injectables - no pricks, no pain.
  • Superior alternative to oral medication.
  • Easy to administer - can be administered even when the child is sleeping.
  • Ensures accurate dosage - no loss due to spillage, vomiting, or puking.

Composition:   Each suppository contains Paracetamol I.P. 80mg or 170 mg or 250mg.

Indications:   Symptomatic relief of pain and fever.
Neonatal hyperthermia, high grade fever, neonatal sepsis, pain management in post operative cases in NICU & PICU, gastroenteritis where babies have vomiting, febrile convulsion and following immunization vaccines.

Dose:   15-20mg/kg body weight
The recommended usual daily dose depends on the weight of the infant. It is determined at 60mg/kg/day, to be spaced out in 4 different intakes per day:
Suppol Baby (80mg) - up to 7 kg (about 6 months old)
Suppol Child (170mg) - From 12-16kg (about 2 to 4 years old)
Suppol 250 (250mg) - From 17-22kg (about 4-7 years old) 
1 suppository to take twice if needed, after 6 hours, without taking more than 4 suppositories per day.

Packing:   Carton containing 2 strips of 5 suppositories each.