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Corect - O Tablets

Balanced ayurvedic formula for the management of piles

  • Highly effective for day-to-day / long term management of piles.
  • Specially developed natural formula with multiple benefits.
    • 1. Effective anti-inflammatory.
    • 2. Ensures easy bowel evacuation.
    • 3. Efficient anti-oxidants to relieve stress.
    • 4. Broad spectrum antimicrobial.
    • 5. Accelerates wound healing.

Composition:   Each film coated tablet contains Anannas 90 mg, Sudha Pitkari 50 mg, Daruharidra extract 50 mg, Amalaki extract 50 mg, Haritaki extract 50 mg, Bibhitak extract 50 mg, Sudha Guggal extract 32 mg, Saunf extract 25 mg, Ashwagandha extract 30mg, Suran extract 50 mg, Gorakhmundi extract 16mg, Nagkesar extract 6 mg.

Indications:   Pain & bleeding associated with anal fissures and haemorrhoids

Dose:   1-2 tablets twice daily depending on intensity of discomfort.

Packing:   Blister strip of 10 tablets each.