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How To Use Suppositories

Suppository is a unique dosage form designed for rectal administration. Rectal route is preferred over oral, injectable and other dosage forms for selected drugs because: i) Convenient to administer a) in elderly and children b) in cases where oral administration is not possible such as nausea, vomiting, convulsions , induced sedation etc. ii) Better than injectables - no pricks and no pain iii) Also avoids side effects like gastric irritation, nausea etc. and ensures better absorption as it avoids chemical interactions in gastrointestinal tract. Globally suppositories are used for treating various ailments and are preferred for cases such as constipation, haemorrhoids (piles) and fever in children.

ALU/PE Strip Pack

Bottle Pack

PVC/PE Blister Pack

Instructions to use:

1. Not to be taken by mouth. For rectal administration only.

2. Detach one suppository along the perforation from blister pack.

a. In case of PVC blister: First detach one suppository along perforation. Separate tabs at top opening (peel apart here) and pull downward from the pointed end to almost the full length of suppository.

b. For aluminium strip, tear at notch fully to remove suppository.

3. If required moisten the suppository with water for easy insertion.

4. Gently push the suppository well up in to the rectum

a. For grown up chilldren and adults:Suppository can be inserted in standing or sleeping position

b. For babies: Hold legs to expose rectal area. Gently push suppository well in to the rectum

5. Hold the buttocks firmly for few seconds to ensure proper insertion.

Note: In case suppository appears to have softened while in the pack, then keep it in vertical position with pointed end facing down in refrigerator for 15 minutes before using it.

Other useful advice

  • Ideally suppository should be inserted after passing stools.
  • If after inserting the suppository you pass stools within few minutes then the suppository will be passed out with the stools. In such cases insert one more suppository.
  • Glycerin suppository does not melt completely, after few minutes of retention the bowels are evacuated along with the suppository hence do not worry and no need to insert one more suppository.   
  • Always use the medicine according to the printed label or as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • If any suppository is accidentally swallowed inform your doctor immediately.