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Meridian’s Business Activities

25+ years of experience in manufacturing and marketing a range of suppositories

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Our range of innovative healthcare products marketed in India

Terbutaline powered Xpectorant

Terbutaline powered Xpectorant

Ayurvedic tables to fix problems associated with diabetes

Powerfull roll-on pain reliever

Reduces odema & promotes healing

The natural immunity booster

An ideal aid to inhalation

Unique herbal cough lozenges

Relieves cough with ease in babies

Cough expectorant with right strength

Low calorie cough suppressant

Chewable vitamin D tablets with 10000 I.U as daily dose

Tastier calcium fortified with vital nutrients

Calcium supplement from organic source

Superior antiseptic & disinfectant for complete protection

For fast relief from fever and pain

For fast relief from fever and pain

Paracetamol suppositories for fever and pain

Diclofenac suppositories for quick pain relief

The nasal decongestant for children

The nasal decongestant spray

The nasal saline spray / drops

The vital iron for good health

The vital iron for good health

The vital iron for good health

Balanced ayurvedic formula for the management of piles

Correct way to treat piles

Expels gas and relieves colic in infants

The complete antiflatulent with activated charcoal

Easy relief from constipation

Say goodbye to constipation with Hallens Infant/Child/Adult Glycerin Suppositories! These instant and safe laxative suppositories ensure evacuation of the lower bowel within just 30 minutes. With no side effects like soreness and cramping, they're a reliable solution for both adults and children. The glycerin draws water into the intestine, softening the stools and easing evacuation. With quick and easy dosing, just insert one suppository a day or as recommended by your physician. Available in packs of two strips of seven for infants and children, or a pack and bottle of 15 for adults. Get your pack today and experience the difference!

Safe & gentle ayurvedic laxative

Exports to 30+ Countries