Meridian complies with national and international regulations and maintains high quality of the product by continuously following GMP & GLP. All activities are performed according to approved and authorized written procedures and are supervised by well-trained and qualified personnel and recorded online. All procedures are validated and strictly followed in order to manufacture high-quality products consistently.

We at Meridian are committed to manufacturing innovative products to enhance global customer satisfaction. It is ensured that each and every product manufactured and distributed, consistently matches regulatory requirements, predetermined standards, and specifications of quality, purity, efficacy, strength, and safety. We focus on quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) as these are our strengths and key differentiators. Strict adherence to GMP norms, as well as our efforts towards continuous improvement of our products, processes, and skill of our workforce, enables us to improve our offerings to our customer on a regular basis.

We have a modern and well-equipped Quality Control (QC) laboratory which ensures that our products are pure, safe, and effective and are released only after analysis as per stringent specifications, methods, and standard operating procedures developed according to international guidelines. Our QC department has all the necessary instruments for the analysis of API, finished products, and packaging materials including a fully operational Microbiology Section to ensure product quality.

Our Quality Assurance Department is managed by qualified personnel who are responsible for ensuring the quality of products by following a well-defined Quality Management System (QMS).

All products and equipment are purchased from competent manufacturers and are validated as per GMP. The materials required for products are purchased/supplied only by approved vendors.

To ensure an effective quality system there are standard operating procedures duly authorized for all operations including production, quality control, material management, warehousing, distribution, safety, environment control, housekeeping, sanitation, and engineering.

A team of independent, experienced, and qualified persons from within the company or outside the company are designated for audit of methodology and procedures evolved. The procedure of self-inspection is documented indicating recommended corrective action with an effective follow-up regimen.

Quality risk management supports a scientific and practical approach to decision-making. It provides documented, transparent and reproducible methods to accomplish steps of the quality risk management process based on current knowledge about assessing the probability, severity, and detectability of risk. Risks are managed using recognized risk management tools and/or internal procedures.

Meridian uses GMP complied purified water system and AHU managed by qualified personnel. The quality of purified water is ensured through periodical chemical and microbiological analysis as per pre-defined specifications. Area air monitoring is also done as per pre-defined specifications.