Meridian’s mission and philosophy is rooted in its name, meridian means ‘highest point’ or ‘top most’. The company was established to reach new heights by doing new things that have not been done before or by doing things in new ways.Differentiation and originality is a way of life at Meridian and through this it aims to add value to the markets it serves.

Meridian’s mission is to provide innovative healthcare products with better safety and unique features that satisfy unfulfilled needs for greater satisfaction and improved healthcare in all.

One can better understand Meridian’s mission by looking at two examples of innovative product launches given below:

Nasomist, a unique and safe nasal decongestant containing sodium chloride.There was not a single product similar to this in India at the time Meridian introduced Nasomist in 1994. It was a totally new concept which took time to gain acceptance. Meridian sacrificed short term gain, and with much patience and perseverance, stuck to its objective and eventually the product became immensely popular. Today Nasomist is used widely by India’s top physicians and millions of patients are regularly getting relief, which earlier they were not getting from any other product. In this manner, Meridian created an entirely new market segment and Nasomist today is followed as an example of ingenuity and continues being the market leader.

Flatuna, the complete anti-flatulent without antacid is a combination of activated charcoal and simethicone. In India all anti-flatulents were in combination with antacids and as a result, even for cases of gaseous discomfort, patients had to take products containing antacids. Also, antacids can causeside effects and if used when not required, neutralize stomach acid resulting in indigestion. Hence, there was a need for a plain anti-flatulent and Flatuna was instantly accepted by leading physicians and has created awareness of treating gas and acidity separately. Flatuna is benefitting thousands of patients as it ensures prompt and complete relief from gaseous discomfort without side effects.
The success of the above products encouraged Meridian to launch many more innovative products and today we feel proud that we are known as a company offering products with more benefits for greater patient satisfaction.