Meridian has been developing and manufacturing suppository products since 1993 and over the last 30 years has gained excellent expertise in this dosage form. In India, the Company markets a range of suppository products that are well-accepted by the medical community and regularly used by thousands of patients. Meridian also regularly exports 30 different suppository and pessary products to 35 countries worldwide.

We are one of the few factories having a fully automatic form fill seal machine from Italy for the production of suppositories & pessaries. Currently, we have two such machines in operation. Salient features of the machines:

  • 5,000 suppositories/pessaries/ovules per hour through each machine
  • Volume range for suppository/pessary/ovule: 0.2 – 4.0 ml.
  • Packing material: PVC/PE & ALU/PE

A suppository is a unique dosage form designed for rectal administration. Rectal route is preferred over oral, injectable, and other dosage forms because (1)it is convenient to administer especially in elderly and children and in cases where oral administration is not possible such as nausea, vomiting, convulsions, induced sedation, etc; (2) it is better than injectables i.e. no pricks and no pain; (3) it minimizes side effects like gastric irritation, nausea, etc. and ensures better absorption as it avoids the first pass metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract; (4) it is Ideal for symptomatic relief from hemorrhoids and fissures owing to complete dose delivered locally, unlike creams and ointments which are applied through applicators; (5) quick in giving relief from constipation where the suppositories work within 30 minutes to 1 hour, unlike conventional oral laxatives which take 8-12 hours to work. Suppositories are also used for vaginal administration and are also known as vaginal suppositories or pessaries or ovules. Vaginal suppositories offer advantages over vaginal tablet pessaries in that they are easier to insert (it does not require an applicator) and retain for better results. Vaginal Suppositories dissolve faster thereby giving quick relief to the patient’s and are very useful in treating local fungal and bacterial conditions.

Globally suppositories are used for treating various ailments and has proved to be very effective dosage form.

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