Hallens Infant / Child / Adult Glycerin Suppositories

Instant and safe laxative suppositories

Composition: Each suppository contains Glycerin I.P 86% w/w. Ensures evacuation of lower bowel within 30 minutes. Draws water in the intestine, softens the stools, and eases evacuation. Safe- no side effects like soreness and cramping as noticed with most laxatives.

Indications:  Constipation and irregular bowl movement

Dosage: One suppository in a day or as recommended by the physician.

Directions: Insert the suppository well up to the rectum and hold the buttocks firmly for a few seconds to keep the suppository in place.


  • Hallens Infant (1g) – 2 strips of 7’s in one pack (1-2 years)
  • Hallens Child (2g) – 2 strips of 7’s in one pack (2 to 6 years)
  • Hallens Adult (3g) – 2 strips of 7’s in one pack & Bottle of 15’s (Above 6 years)

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