Sizes of suppositories available:

The size is determined by the quantity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and/or the age of patient (baby/infant/adult).

  1. Big size: Average weight of 3.00 gram
  2. Medium size: Average weight of 2.00 gram
  3. Small size: Average weight of 1.00 gram

We can customize the size as per customer requirements.

Types of packing available:

Blister packing:
This is the pack used widely all over the world. The packing material we use is PVC film laminated with PE or ALU film laminated with PE. The blisters are individually perforated so that each suppository can be removed easily with given “Peel Apart here” or “Tear off” instructions provided on the blister. Normally the blister pack contains 5 suppositories and such 2 blisters are further packed into a carton, such 10 cartons are packed in a shrink sleeve and further 30/40 shrinks of 10 cartons are packed in master corrugated shipper. Hence each master corrugated shipper contains 300 cartons of 2 x 5’s pack or 3000 suppositories of 3 gram/2gram and 400 cartons of 2 x 5’s pack or 4000 suppositories of 1 gram suppositories. However, we can supply different packing configurations as per customer requirements..

Bottle packing:
Bottle packing is ideal for regular use and bulk packing. Plastic bottles are normally used and contain 15 suppositories of 3 gm (big size), 25 Suppositories of 2 gm (medium size) or 50 suppositories of 1 gm (small), and these bottles are sealed with induction sealing aluminum wad. Such bottles are further packed into an inner E- Flute carton which holds 12 such filled bottles. 12 e-flute cartons are then finally packed into a master corrugated shipper. Hence each shipper contains approximately 144 bottles. We can provide bottles with a larger quantity of up to 100 suppositories per bottle as per the customer’s requirements.

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