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Meridian Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides advanced manufacturing capabilities and processes that create special quality products. The reputation of our company is built on manufacturing that is designed to meet global standards and stringent quality standards which ensures we deliver only the best formulated products.

Meridian's production facility and systems follow international levels of GMP and quality. Our factory is WHO GMP certified and is approved by a team of international auditors from Pfizer USA and UL (global auditing company). We have been manufacturing products on contract basis for several leading companies. Some of our customers are Pfizer, Cadila, Glenmark and Cipla. Since 1992 Meridian has always supplied all its customers with high quality products on time with excellent service. Meridian has an excellent expertise in manufacturing many different types of tablets including bi-layered, sustained action and tablet-in-tablet. Meridian is one of the few companies in India capable of manufacturing a range of suppositories. Additionally we can offer a range of external liquid products. We have the capability of developing products as per customer requirements. The company has large capacities for additional formulations manufacturing business and offers for the same are invited.

Monthly Capacity:

Dosage Form

Monthly Capacity

Suppository 54,00,000
Tablet ( Uncoated) 7,000,000
Tablet ( Coated) 3,000,000
External Liquid (Bottle) 400,000

We look forward to partnering and collaborating with reputed customers for providing various formulations thereby helping customers to build their brand.

contract manufacturing advantages


  • A track record of close to 100% on timely deliveries since over 20 years.
  • Reliable supply with products that meet the highest-quality standards.
  • Cost-effective & customized manufacturing at our plant.
  • Regulatory documentation support.
  • We have won the TRUST & CONFIDENCE of our clients by our consistent quality, un-interrupted/timely supply and as a result we enjoy appreciation by a large client base.