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Our Facility

Factory seen from different angles

Meridian's pharmaceutical formulations factory is located in Navsari, Gujarat. When compared to other locations in India, Navsari is virtually pollution free, clean, quiet and has excellent road, rail and telecommunication facilities. It has a number of well-known colleges, hospitals and schools thereby making it an attractive residential town. Hence there is availability of good, young and hard working educated people. It is also convenient for industry as it has its own infrastructure and is also about 50 kms from the large city of Surat and about 250 kms from Mumbai.

The factory which was commissioned in 1994 is an independent building constructed on a corner plot of 15,290 square feet in G.I.D.C. where there are several other non-polluting factories all enjoying adequate supply of water, power, labour and other necessary infrastructure.

The factory has a built-up area of 19,938 square feet and has the following approved departments: Tablets (uncoated, film-coated and sugar-coated), Suppositories, and External Liquids.

Meridian's production facility and systems follow international levels of GMP and quality which are approved by a team of international auditors from Pfizer USA and UL (global auditing company). In addition to this, Meridian has been awarded WHO GMP certification.

Meridian has an excellent expertise in manufacturing many different types of tablets including bi-layered and sustained action tablet. Meridian is one of the few companies in India capable of manufacturing a range of suppositories.

Our facility is also approved by UAE, Health Canada for Natural Health Products and Drug Establishment License, FMHACA Ethiopia, MCAZ Zimbabwe, NDA Uganda, Drug Regulatory Authority Congo, FDB Ghana, PPB Kenya, PMPB Board Malawi and Ivory Coast. 

We are one of the few factories in India having Italian make fully automatic form fill seal machine for production of suppository & pessaries. Currently we have two such machines in operation.

Salient features of this FFS machine includes-

  • 5,000 suppositories-ovules/hour on each machine.
  • Volume suppository-ovule 0.2 - 4.0 ml.
  • Packing material: PVC/PE & ALU/PE


R&D machinary

We have separate F&D Department headed by highly experienced team in the field of pharmacy and chemistry.

The F&D Department can handle entire formulation and development activity from product identification, lab scale development to full scale batch manufacturing.


Our F&D capabilities include-

  • Formulation & Development
  • Dedicated Regulatory team for global filings
  • Dossier Preparation
  • Process Optimization
  • Analytical Development
  • Stability Studies